Corporate Minutes

Keeping regular Corporate Minutes helps you stay on top of your corporation's record-keeping requirements. It's not just about staying organized: up-to-date Corporate Minutes help maintain your corporation's limited liability status. Protect your company by creating Corporate Minutes for all your business' official meetings.

To maintain your corporate status, all states require your corporation to meet certain business formalities. Corporate minutes record those official actions so you can maintain your status. It's essential for your business to record corporate minutes for all official shareholder and board of director meetings. This document is sometimes called a meeting minutes format, meeting minutes, or corporation minutes.

Important Notes During the Meeting

  • Before heading into the meeting, you can write down required details about the meeting, which you must include in your typed minutes. Note the following:
    • full name of your company
    • date and time of the meeting
    • location of the meeting
  • Write down who attends. You’ll need a full list of people who are attending the meeting. Also write down those members who are absent.[1] Include any guests or consultants who have been invited
  • Record the meeting’s purpose. There are many reasons why you will have a meeting.
  • Note whether prior minutes were accepted. Generally, the first item on the agenda will be to accept the minutes from the prior meeting. You should have distributed them to everyone in advance
  • Take notes of discussion on agenda items. Corporate minutes should also contain a summary of the discussion on each agenda item. You must choose your words carefully as you write down what people say. You want to be accurate, so listen carefully