Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) registration is mandatory before starting any food business in India. FSSAI lays down certain standards that ensure availability of safe and quality food in food industry. Every person/business engaged in food business need to obtain a 14 digit registration or license from FSSAI before commencement of operations.

FSSAI Registration :
The FSSAI basic registration applies to all those Food Business Operators (FBO) involved with activities like storage, sales, distribution , repacking and labelling and whose annual turnover is within Rs.12 lakhs.

FSSAI State License :
Food Business Operators like restaurants and hotels, meat processing and slaughtering units, proprietary foods, food processing units inclusive of corresponding retailers and repackers, vegetable oil processing units as well as production units, dairy units including milk chilling units can apply for State FSSAI License.

FSSAI Central License

The following are the FBOs who should obtain Central license

  • 5 Star Hotels and above
  • All food businesses inclusive of retailers, distributors, suppliers, and caterers mentioned for state license could apply for central license if their operations exceeded Rs.20 crores
  • Restaurants/ Food processing and handling chains with multipe branches across various states have to obtain the Central FSSAI license for the main branch/head office
  • 100 % export oriented food processing/production units
  • Food processing units, relabellers, and repackers who are processing more than 2 Metric Tonnes per day excluding grains, cereals, and pulse milling units
  • Refrigerated storages holding a capacity of 10,000 Metric Tonnes or more
  • Wholesalers with their annual turnovers amounting to Rs. 30 Crores or more
  • Food Catering services located at airports as well as seaports
  • It makes the consumer be more alert and informative regarding the quality of the food which they eat.
  • It helps in removing multiple regulations.
  • Provides Logo which enhances the brand image of the product.
  • The FSSAI food license helps the Food Business Operators to establish their reputation and also qualification to grow your business in a new direction.
  • FSSAI registration makes it easier to get bank loans and for funding which is required for expansion.
  • Photo Identity of Promoters of the Food Business
  • Evidence of possession of premises (Rental Agreement / Utility Bill)
  • Partnership Deed /Memorandum of Association/ Certificate of Incorporation / Articles of Association
  • A list of Manufacture food products or processed or stored
  • Food safety management system plan
  • Signed and Completed Form-B