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A society is an entity in which a group of individuals unite together for a common cause such as Promotion of literature, science, fine arts or for the diffusion of useful knowledge. The registration of society in India is governed by Societies Registration Act, 1860 which aims at legalizing and bringing uniformity to the way such societies are governed. The Act has been adopted by all Indian States.

The following societies may be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860:

  • Charitable Societies
  • The military orphan funds or societies established at the several presidencies of India
  • Societies established for the promotion of science,literature, or the fine arts for instruction, the diffusion of useful knowledge
  • The foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading-rooms for general use among the members or open to the public Or
  • Public museums and galleries of paintings and other works of art, collections of natural history, mechanical and philosophical inventions, instruments, or designs.
  • A society becomes a separate legal entity once incorporated
  • An incorporated society has the right to rent, lease, buy and sell property, borrow money and enter into contracts in its own name. No member of society has personal right or interest in any of the assets of the society.
  • An incorporated society continues even if its membership changes.
  • Members are not personally liable for the debts, contracts or other obligations of the society.
  • An incorporated society may be entitled for income tax exemption.


A Society can be created by a minimum of 7 or more persons. Apart from persons from India, companies, foreigners, as well as other registered societies can also register for the Memorandum of the society. A society can be either registered or unregistered like partnership firms but, only the registered societies will be able to hold properties have a suit filed against or by the society.

Society registration is maintained by state governments. Thus, the application for society registration must be created to the specific authority of the state, where the registered office of society is situated.

For Society registration, the establishing members must agree with the name of society first and then prepare for the Memorandum, followed by Rules & Regulations of the society.


While choosing a name for the society, it is important to remember that as per Societies Act, 1860, similar or identical name of an existing registered society is not permitted. Further the proposed name for the society must also not suggest patronage of the Government of India or any State Government or attract the provisions of Emblem and Names Act, 1950.


The Memorandum of the Society and the Rules and Regulations of the Society must then be signed by each of the founding members, witnessed by an Oath Commissioner, Notary Public, Gazetted Officer, Advocate, Chartered Accountant or Magistrate 1st Class with their official stamp and complete address.

  1. Name of the society
  2. Address proof of registered office of the society
  3. No objection certificate from landlord if registered office is a leased premises
  4. Memorandum of Association in duplicate along with a certified copy
  5. Rules and Regulations of Society in duplicate signed by founding members

The signed Memorandum and Rules and Regulations with the prescribed fee must then be filed in duplicate with the concerned Registrar of Societies in the State. If the Registrar is satisfied with application he would certify and the society is then deemed to be registered.



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