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Making a Will

WILL is the legal declaration of the intention of the testator with respect to his property which he describes to be carried into effect after his death. The testator has the Liberty to revoke the will at anytime during his lifetime.

A will has to be attested by at least two witnesses who must have seen:

  • the testator sign or put his mark on the will
  • received from the testator a personal acknowledgement of the same. A will is not a compulsorily registrable Document and does not require any stamp duty

Most people do not need a lawyer’s help to write a basic will. Will laws are not complicated and there are very few legal requirements:

  • Wills must be completely type written. Some states allow handwritten wills, but these should only be used when you don’t have time to make an official will.
  • The document must be witnessed by at least two people.
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