What is a Trademark Watch?

Trademark watch or trademark monitoring is something of utmost importance for businesses and enterprises that are serious about their products and brands. In an era when every now and then you can come across a trademark infringement, it’s important for brand owners to protect their brands from any kind of unlawful uses. Trademark monitoring or trademark watch is all about ensuring this and companies that provide such services are called as Trademark Watch Service Providers or Trademark Monitoring Service Providers.

However, with the mushrooming of trademark watch service providers it becomes very important for companies to choose the one that deserves their investment. This article is a comparative analysis of some of the best trademark watch service providers in the planet that can help companies choose their best partners.


Corsearch- The list would be incomplete without mentioning Corsearch, one of the renowned trademark watch service provider in this ecosystem. It is the premier provider of clearance and protection solutions for trademark and brand professionals. Its high-quality, intuitive tools and unparalleled expertise enable professionals to effectively manage the trademark screening, search review and trademark watch processes.

Trademarkia- A venture of LegalForce, Trademarkia is another important trademark search service provider that comes up with bouquet of trademark search solutions along with a dedicated trademark search engine. Headquartered in Mountain View, California it is world's largest and finest online legal technology platform empowering individuals, small businesses, law firms, multinational and corporations with the tools to automate, streamline, and simplify processes related to trademark search and trademark watch.